How to keep the House Smelling Good with cats? 9 Tips

If your cat has lived with you for long, then its distinct smell will no longer bother you because your nose will adapt its natural aroma with time.

However, some cat owners do find it difficult to accustom to it even over time, and they try to find ways How to keep the house smelling good with cats?

In this article, we present you with some of the best ways to keep your house smelling good with cats.

How to keep the house smelling good with cats

Every owner loves their kitty like family, and they do consider it a precious partner in their life. But, sometimes, they feel uncomfortable with its annoying odor. There are several reasons your house may catch foul-smelling due to cats.

Cat odor may originate from litter boxes, urine, bowel, etc. However, each one can be managed effectively with little effort and attention.

When your cat intends for nature-call, contain them to their specific territory to avoid misplacing their urine and bowel.

Replace their litter box regularly to avoid miss-carriage of urine and bowel.

Arrange a regular bath for them to feel fresh and fragranced.

Tips to keep the house smelling good with cats

1. Dispose dirty litter box

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the litter box your cat uses; this may be the apparent propagator of lousy scent. So, it would be best to dispose of the litter box frequently.

Litter boxes play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and fresh air around. Make sure to choose a perfect litter box capable enough to maintain the urine, bowel, and any odor within it.

If you have multiple cats, assigning a separate litter box for each one would help minimize the risk.

Additionally, replacing the litter box on a new year is also a sound idea because it becomes a shelter for terrible smells over time.

2. Properly Groom Your pet

how to keep the house smelling good with cats

Usually, every parent does groom their cats; it helps eliminate loose and unhealthy hair. In addition, felines, precisely long-haired, naturally shed their bodies to remove dirt and extra fur from their skinny belly.

If sustained for a while, these abandoned furs and mud can give birth to filth and dreadful smell, which can spread throughout the area.

This smell can be ceased by regularly grooming your pet at least once a day. Brush your cat meticulously to get rid of loose fur, dispose of the remains after grooming. You can use the Recommended Grooming products for cats.

Grooming your cat regularly in a safe environment will keep your cat clean and healthy. Most importantly, it will put away unwanted fur and mud, which will help sustain our home smelling good with the cat.

3. Clean your House and vacuum carpets

Maintaining your home clean and neat plays a vital role in this scenario. Do check the walls, furniture, and other considerable areas of your house and keep it clean to avoid any unwanted smell.

Regularly vacuum your home’s carpets, blankets, furniture, and other vacuum-able households to get rid of odor-causing dust.

4. Shower your cat regularly

Taking a regular bath keeps one healthy, neat, and clean. It also eliminates any foul odor and maintains the body fresh and fit.

Ultimately, keep your kitty on a regular bath schedule with vet recommended shampoo, also brush their teeth, and trim their nails. By doing so, your pet will always be deemed healthy, gorgeous, and odor-free.

5. Use Air freshener

The air in your house also smells rotten if it has been trapped for long. Proper circulation of air is necessary to maintain the environment fresh and fragranced.

You may also use air purifiers to knock out corrupted air and enjoy your house smelling good with cats.

Another alternative might be to sprinkle the deodorizing powder on carpets and furniture before vacuuming it. This deodorizing powder will help suck up the bad smell trapped in the households.

This might lead to making your cat smell good without a bath.

6. Treat Bad Cat Breath

Unlike other animals, cats usually do not pant. But if your cat breathes in quickly, it might become the reason for the unpleasant smell around.

Since your feline is breathing abnormally and quickly, it contributes a lot of its fragrance to the surroundings and causes a smelly atmosphere.

Be cautious if that is the case because panting may indicate symptoms like oral infection, diarrhea, stress and anxiety, and other health-related issues. Consulting your vet would be best for not to compromise your queen’s health.

7. Keep Cat blanket and Bed Clean

Along with regular cleaning of the house and household furniture, it is also necessary to maintain your cat’s blanket and bed neat and clean. You can try the recommended cat blanket

Make it a habit to regularly wash your kitty’s belongings. It will not only remove the bad smell but also contribute to the excellent and hygienic health of your pet.

It is maybe unnecessary to wash their blanket and bed daily, and it may seem inconvenient. However, rub the cat’s blanket and bed with a sterilized cloth to eliminate the nasty smell.

8. Focus on feline diet

how to keep the house smelling good with cats

Besides all the necessary precautions, you also need to investigate your kitty’s diet menu. Some cat food also causes them to smell strong.

Excessive protein consumption increases the number of urine chemicals, named urea, which results in a particular intense smell. So ultimately, if your feline is absorbing high amounts of protein, their pee may smell strong.

9. Clean furniture and cat toys

I am sure you would be able to take good care of your home furniture along with the kitty’s belongings. For extra care, make sure it’s clean and train your cat to avoid frequent use of your house furniture.

Do not prefer those cat toys which attract hair and fur, instead prioritize those slippery for the cat’s hair.


Like other animals, cat-smelling weird is a natural phenomenon, and every pet owner encounters this experience. However, to prevent your home and surrounding from bad-smelling cats and transform it into smelling good with cats, you are required to manage your house cleanliness effectively.

Also, extra care should be taken for feline’s litter box, bed, furniture, toys, and other belongings to ensure a healthy aroma. Finally, keeping the cat and home neat and clean will lead to a mesmerizing atmosphere and a healthy and cheerful kitty!

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